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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Characterization: Angelo and Escalus: Critical commentary (act l, scene l)

We from a most favorable opinion about Angelo from the opening scene, firstly because, the Duke’s choice of a deputy falls upon him, and secondly because Escalus holds him in high esteem. In answer to a question by the Duke, Escalus says that, if anybody in Vienna has the necessary qualifications and abilities to function as the ruler during the Duke’s absence, it is lord Angelo. The Duke, while speaking to Angelo, refers to Angelo’s virtues, saying that Angelo must utilize those virtues and not keep them hidden. As for Escalus, he too appears to be a man of excellent qualities. The Duke seems to have full confidence in him, because it is to him that he first speaks about his choice of Angelo as his deputy. In his speech at the very beginning of the play, the Duke compliments Escalus on Escalus’s vast knowledge of the affairs of the state and of the responsibilities of a government. He speaks of Escalus’s “sufficiency” and Escalus’s “worth”. The Duke says that Escalus is well-versed in the nature of the people, in the political and social customs of the state, and in the conditions necessary for administering justice in the country. He then asks what Escalus thinks of Angelo, whereupon Angelo expresses a high opinion about the man, thus endorsing the Duke’s choice. At the end of this scene, Escalus would like to have a detailed discussion with Angelo about the functions that he (Escalus) would be required to perform. Thus Escalus seems to be a conscientious and duty minded man. 

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